Invited Talks

Thierry CHARTIER (CNRS, IRCER, France)
“Additive Manufacturing: towards new functions for ceramic parts”


Ralf RIEDEL (TU Darmstadt, Germany)
“From Pottery to Battery — Advanced Ceramic Energy Storage Materials”


Philippe THOMAS (CNRS, IRCER, France)
“Crystal chemistry of complex materials combining experimental and atomic scale modelling methods: tellurium oxide based glasses and metal oxide”


Dominique DE LIGNY (FAU, Germany)
“Enhancement of Eu Luminescence in glass-ceramics: a potential tunable luminophore”


Yoshiyuki SUGAHARA (Waseda Univ., Japan)
“Preparation of Hybrid Materials from Metal Oxide Nanomaterials via Surface Modification”


Samuel BENARD (CNRS, IRCER, France)
“Polymer-Derived Si-B-C-N Fibers: From the synthesis of melt-spinnable polymers to the characterization of fibers”


Pierre-Marie GEFFROY (CNRS, IRCER, France)
“Oxygen transport mechanisms through mixed-conductor membranes”


Günter MOTZ (Univ.Bayreuth, Germany)
“Protective PDC-based composite coating system on steel pyrolyzed via laser”


Ken’ichiro KITA (AIST, Japan)
“Synthesis and properties of silicon carbide ceramics derived from precursor polymers containing polycarbosilane and polysiloxane”


Yoshiaki IWASE (TOAGOSEI Co., Japan)
“Thermal Stability and Microporosity of Amorphous Silicon Oxynitride Derived from Novel Single-source Precursor”


Ravi KUMAR (Lab. High Performance Ceramics, India)
“Plasmon Enhanced Visible Light Photocatalytic Activity in Polymer-Derived Ceramic Nanocomposites”