Welcome to IWAC08 in Nagoya!

History of the IWAC workshops
The International Workshop on Advanced Ceramics (IWAC) is a series of workshops initiated in 2004 by Professor Pierre Abelard (Limoges), Jean-Francois Baumard (Limoges) and Masayuki Nogami (Nagoya) to promote collaborations between laboratories in Europe and Asia. Since then, workshops have been held in Limoges (2004, 2008, 2016), Nagoya (2006, 2010), London (2012) and Erlangen (2014). The information format of exchanges has proved to be a valuable tool for constructing international networks and relations in research and in teaching. Nagoya Institute of Technology (NITech) has strongly collaborated with Ecole Nationale Superieure de Ceramique Industrielle-Limoges University (ENSCI-LimogesUniv) to establish an educational framework for young researchers, through a sister city relationship between Seto (Japan) and Limoges (France). On the other hand, research activities on ceramics in NITech were stimulated by JSPS 21st century COE program (2002-2004). After that, on the basis of NITech-ENSCI-LimogesUniv collaborations, IWAC activities started and expanded with two other abroad partner institutes (Imperial College of London (ICL) and Erlangen-Nuremberg University (FAU)). During IWAC history, NITech successfully conducted JSPS International Training Program (ITP, 2009-2012), Institutional Program for Young Researcher Overseas Visits (IPYROV, 2013-2014) and other research activities on materials science and engineering, has reinforced research collaborations with ICL and FAU as well as ENSCI-Limoges.
The 8th edition of IWAC (IWAC08) will be held in Nagoya (Japan) on September 17-19, 2018, organized by IWAC08 organizing committee to promote furthermore international collaborations and relations on research and educational schemes.

Scope of the IWAC08
The objective of this workshop is to demonstrate that ceramics, from materials to systems, can bring innovative solutions to society needs. This workshop will cover all aspects of characterization, design and processing technologies of ceramics, with emphasis on energy and environment-related ceramics, information and communication technologies and bio-medical applications.
The workshop will consist of invited and contributed oral presentations, and poster sessions. The presentation of recent research activities on ceramics especially by young researcher is strongly encouraged.

Discussion Topics
1. Energy Materials
Fuel cells, solar cells, conductor, storage materials, hydrogen production and storage, energy conversion, computational science, nuclear ceramics, etc…
2. Environmentally Conscious Materials
Catalysts, refractories, ecomaterials, geomaterials, hydraulic binders, construction materials, thermal barriers, super-insulation, wear resistant materials, etc…
3. Information and Communication Technologies
Functional electroceramics, linear and nonlinear dielectrics, optical materials, electro-optic materials, magnetic oxide materials, microwave dielectrics, microelectromechanical systems, low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) materials,etc…
4. Bio-Materials
Calcium phosphates, bio-glasses, composites/hybrids, biocompatibility, scaffolds, drug, delivery carriers, tissue engineering, biomimetics, cell-material interactions, biotechnology, biophotonics, etc…
5. Next-generation Materials
Crystal structure, theory and simulation, interfaces, catalysis, porous structures, hybrids, molecular precursor design, powder synthesis, coating, drying mechanisms and method, shaping, additive manufacturing, etc…
Please take contact with “hayatomo(at)nitech.ac.jp” to know more details on the IWAC08 information.